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Forwarded from Just a Dude 😎
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🇪🇺🇮🇪 Irish MEP Clare Daly: The European Union Its Subservience To US Empire, Even When It's Blatantly Against Our Own Interests.

"Instead of championing peace in Europe, overcoming differences and difficulties through dialogue and diplomacy, we've acted as a pawn for NATO … And now we have an energy crisis, a cost of living crisis, an angrier nuclear power on our doorsteps, and the Inflation Reduction Act."

"If we want to be stronger"

🛑 STOP playing US War games!
🛑 STOP antagonizing our trading partners!
🛑 STOP interfering and trying to have regime change in countries we don't like!
🛑 STOP robbing the global south!

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Forwarded from Insider Paper
BREAKING: Trump posts for the first time after getting reinstated on Facebook — says “I’M BACK!”

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And looks like the trend is about to start...... exit Facebook and Instagram not that I'm on that shite anyway! 😴 🤮💩
Forwarded from L Jo…
If there is no legal obligation to inform the council of residency, then how can there be an obligation to pay them council tax?

Note: 11:11 "There is no prescribed format for liability orders in the UK since 2003!"

The case law that you are not under legal obligation to provide the council with your details was affirmed by the Appeal court at point 19 in D, R. v (Rev 1) [2019] EWCA Crim 209 (05 February 2019)


"There can be no real doubt that on the assumed facts, and assuming that the defendant had herself been resident throughout at this property, as well as being its owner, she would have been legally obliged to pay the due amount of council tax. If she did not, the council could, on demand made under the statutory scheme, seek recovery of the sums due in the civil courts. But that cannot of itself, as we see it, connote that she was obliged in law to notify the council of her continued residence. It is quite wrong to equate a liability to pay with a liability to notify. It may be, as the judge thought, that one might have expected to find such a provision as to notification in the statutory scheme. But that was a matter for Parliament to decide. The fact is, as we have said, that such a provision simply is not there, either within the primary legislation or in subordinate legislation made pursuant to the provisions of the 1992 Act itself."
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