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Balenciaga replaced the bondage kid images with more tasteful images.

Okay, but peep the book behind her. The name: Michaël Borremans. An artist. And look at the kind of art he makes.

"Fire from the Sun includes small and large scale works that feature toddlers engaged in playful but mysterious acts with sinister overtones and insinuations of violence."
Now why would Balenciaga spell it BAALenciaga?

All the circulating images from Balenciaga in high quality for you.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! ❤️
It has come to my attention that Barbie is a furry now. #ThanksgivingDiscussions
Just a heads up there likely won’t be an episode of Big Dig Energy tonight. Still with family enjoying Thanksgiving together. ❤️

Will see y’all on Saturday. I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day!
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Kanye just shared this like 15 minutes ago. 👀
Regardless of your opinion of Kanye, he is a powerful force in the current culture. I think he has a unique ability to be able to get people thinking differently about the world they live in who otherwise would have never considered even questioning it.

I see it as a net positive. I don't see his political career taking off, but people said the same thing about Trump and here we are.
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday! <3
Kering (Balenciaga's parent company) shared this video in 2020.
Making the graphic for tonight's episode of Big Dig Energy...

Show starts at 10/9c. I promise you, you do not want to miss this one.
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Boy, this was stupid. Originally aired May 7, 2020.
Big Dig Energy Episode 146:
The Groomy Awards

Will be live at 10/9c! Join me for the first annual Groomy Awards!
Trust me, you don't wanna miss it. >:)

Catch it on:

Okay cool. I turned back on comments on the channel again. I assume spam will be obnoxious for a little bit but I'll get the spam bots sorted out. I've missed talking to yall on here.