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Pete Buttiegeg Must Be IMPEACHED!

Supply Chain Collapses While Buttiegeg Targets “Racist Roads”.

Pete Buttiegeg had zero experience to become U.S. Secretary of Transportation and now Americans are suffering through his tenure.
Jim Nelles joins Lauren Witzke to talk about the supply chain crisis and how Pete Buttiegeg’s incompetence is terrible for America’s economy.
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Frequencies To Cure Cancer?

Learn How to Be Your Own Doctor & Stay Healthy!

Big Pharma wants to keep you sick and dependent.

Christopher Key is here to teach you how to become your own doctor and stay healthy.

Doctors beholden to the medical industrial complex betrayed their patients who trusted them.

Frequencies and new technologies like med beds are the key to a healthy future away from Big Pharma’s harmful drugs.
NOT Damar Hamlin?

CPR & Ventilator Survivor Speaks Out on Hamlin’s Suspicious Recovery!

The NFL’s Damar Hamlin recovery story doesn’t make any sense.

Stefanie Daubert joins to detail her personal experience with rib crushing CPR.

If CPR is done properly a person’s ribs will break and recovery is long and painful.

Realistically, Damar Hamlin wouldn’t be able to function at the level he displayed considering his reported conditions.

Was that really Damar Hamlin?
Everybody’s mad about 5 black cops killing a black man.

What about the white men that murdered Damar Hamlin?
Global elites want total chaos -- so they create it.

A world war, or a massive fire.

Because after the fire, comes the fire sale.

And they get to remake the world how they want it.

What this analogy needs is a controlled burn.

That is the LAST thing the elites want.
Now that Soros-purchased city governments are taking charge of the nation, The NYTimes is worried about state capitols overruling local control.

They're going for all the marbles.
Harmeet Dillon wasn't serious about changing the RNC.

Focusing on piddly, small time spending on dresses and travel instead of the TWO POINT SKX BILLION dollar protection racket the RNC provides for global industrialists proves it.
A Missouri police officer who was granted a suspended seven year plea deal for Kiddiepörn has been arrested again for sexually assaulting a nine year old girl.

What should happen to him?
Bill Gates says China’s rise has been “a huge win for the world”.

He thinks the bioweapon is a win.

Let that sink in.

In an interview on Monday, Gates said China must be granted a “strong role in world governance” in the new world order.

Democrats Push Anti-WHITE Law! Bill Would Expand Hate Speech & Target Whites.

This week on Stew Peters Premium we are joined by author Robert Spencer to discuss the war against white people, and the government's weaponization against.

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If you’re a rope or scaffolding company and would like to help sponsor Nuremberg 2.0, please reach out to me directly.
I always loved recess.
This is the statue installed atop NY courthouse to honor Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

What's it remind you of?
Pfizer made a KILLING off the BioWeapon in 2021 -- nearly $37 BILLION in sales.

The BioWeapon is one of the most lucrative products in world history.
Why is the Daily Mail deleting coverage of Jordon Tristan Walker?
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He makes me proud in so many more important ways, but I’m not gonna lie; I still love watching Nolan shred a defense and snipe. 💪🏼🏒😎🥅
Unpopular truth:

Which part of the swamp did Trump drain?

Endorsed McConnell,

Endorsed McCarthy,

Endorsed Limp wristed Lindsey Graham, and

Endorsed Ronna Romney.

All Swamp leadership.

Tons of jump cuts in this Hamiln “thank you” video message.

This post is an open invitation to Damar Hamlin to sit down and join me for an interview to discuss his recovery.