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FDA Approves 4th CLOT SHOT For Kids, FBI ADMITS To SPYING On Proud Boy/Attorney Client Comms

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I've been calling this for a YEAR.
Matt - this may come as a surprise, but

We already KNEW that facts posted to twitter that encouraged "hesitancy", including posts describing “stories of true vaccine side effects” were characterized as "potential violations" that were "actionable" and cause for account deletion.

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LIVE: FDA Approves 4th CLOT SHOT For Kids, FBI ADMITS To SPYING On Proud Boy/Attorney Client Comms

GLOBAL CHAOS: Anxiety & Depression Increase By 25% Worldwide

FDA Green Lights 4th Jab For Kids While AHS Admits To Myocarditis Surge In Children.

Radicalized FEDS: FBI Secretly Intercepted J6er’s Private Communications With Lawyer!

Regenerative Medicine In Space? Microgravity Effects The Human Body.

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FBI ILLEGALLY SPYING On J6er’s Comms With Attorney.

FBI Agent Nicole Miller confessed to spying on attorney/client communications while on the stand during the Proud Boys Trial.

Trennis Evans joins Paul Harrell to dissect this bombshell story.

Prosecutors had a meltdown and started objecting in irrational ways.
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Myocarditis SKYROCKETS In Children As FDA Approves 4th DEATH JAB For Kids.

FDA wants children as young as six months old to get four doses of deadly spike proteins.
Dr. Wade Hamilton is here to talk about the anti-science left that has no legitimate basis to jab our kids.
Myocarditis is surging in vaxxed children as more and more young people die.
Holocaust survivor? He worked for the Nazis and turned in his fellow Jews…
How Dreams Have Shaped Art History – From Divine Visions to Surreal Fantasies