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Forwarded from Patrick Casey
Israeli lawmakers – including one from the right-wing Likud Party – have called on the West to accept Palestinian refugees

Perfect example of why "mutual nationalism" is a joke – we clearly have different interests

The West must say NO to refugees and demand a ceasefire!
So the only part he rescinded is wanting to live next to Palestinians? I don't think the context makes this clip any better...
Elon calling out Jewish hypocrisy on Twitter.
Forwarded from /CIG/ Telegram | Counter Intelligence Global (FRANCISCVS)
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📢 🇺🇸 🇮🇱 Tucker Carlson slams Jewish Zionists for funding “White genocide” in America while complaining when it happens to them.

📎 AF Post
Forwarded from Race Realism Channel
"Race is only skin deep!"
I saw a lot of posts about this case from the UK so I looked into it. This guy wasn't jailed simply for opposing immigration, his stickers promoted a website that explicitly called for "Racial Holy War," contained a bunch of slurs (n-word etc), and seemed to be some sort of weird religious cult.

Doing things that are transparently illegal when you live in a dystopian Soviet country like the UK is very dumb. If your country has "hate speech" laws, you shouldn't touch people like this with a ten foot pole, they're liabilities at best.

Of course European governments are immensely corrupt and people who post mean words online shouldn't receive harsher punishment than violent criminals. But you can make this case more effectively by citing clear-cut examples of anarcho-tyranny. The public is more likely to sympathize with somebody who got arrested for quoting a biology textbook than a guy in a cult who called for "Racial Holy War."
If you want to expose anarcho-tyranny, you need to cite the most egregious cases, e.g. for the UK: This woman getting arrested for silently praying versus cops doing nothing about grooming gangs that victimize ~20,000 White girls per year.
Forwarded from Jared Howe / So To Speak
Forwarded from Race Realism Channel
Genetic ancestry and sex can be predicted with great accuracy via brain scans:

"In this work we predicted genetic ancestry from rs-fMRI connectivity data at very high performance (area under the ROC curve of 0.93). Thereby, we demonstrated that genetic ancestry is encoded in the functional connectivity pattern of the brain at rest. [...] Subjects’ sex could also be predicted at very high accuracy with mean AUC of 0.98 (and standard deviation of

Source: Evidence for Bias of Genetic Ancestry in Resting State Functional MRI (2018)
Incredible stuff.
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Visiting Paris and discovering it to be full of Africans is such a nuclear redpill that it destroys the minds of unsuspecting Asian tourists, they call it Paris Syndrome:

"While the syndrome has been particularly noted among Japanese tourists, it has also affected other travelers or temporary residents from East and Southeast Asia, such as those from China, South Korea, and Singapore."
Forwarded from Joel Davis
So it turns out that stuffing your country with an unprecedented influx of immigrants, inducing a housing crisis, stagnating wages & fueling inflation is a really bad idea unless you're a property developer or a mortgage lender or you just want White people replaced that fucking bad that you don't care.
Having a negative perception of masculinity is linked to worse mental health, study finds

"Holding the view that masculinity negatively impacts one’s behavior is associated with lower mental well-being, according to a new study of more than 4,000 men. The findings shed light on the relationship between societal perceptions of masculinity and individual mental health, challenging previous notions that masculine attitudes are inherently harmful or detrimental."
"Milei is a... a ZIONIST!" Wow. I don't care. I'm not Argentinian.

I'm only interested in his presidency as a potential case study for abolishing left-wing institutions and welfare, like Bukele abolishing violent crime by jailing 2% of the population, Algeria deporting 12% of their population (Whites), Israel having a border wall, Nigeria banning foreigners in commercials, Japan's ethnicity-based citizenship laws.

If Milei sticks to his word and cripples the Left in Argentina, it will inspire other Right-Wingers around the world. If he cucks, he cucks. No big deal. Either way it will be interesting to watch.
Milei's political positions are listed on Wikipedia with citations. He's basically a Libertarian Trump.

"I have a clear agenda, which goes against everything that is socialism or communism. Everyone who is against socialism or communism is on the side I am on. This is my guiding principle, then we can have all the differences you want. In that group we have liberals, libertarians, people from the center, conservatives, from the center-right, but the limit is that no one crosses the limit of social democracy and all expressions further to the left. My alignment with Trump and Bolsonaro is almost natural."
Instead of listening to internet hearsay, read what Milei has actually proposed and his rationale.

His position on drug legalization, for example, is justified by social Darwinism: "If you want to commit suicide, I don't have any problem. Drugging is committing suicide gradually. If you want to get high, do whatever you want, but don't ask me to pay the bill."

I think it would be more effective for the state to round up and gulag all drug dealers, El Salvador style, but I understand his reasoning.
Dutch election today and it's looking good for nationalist/populist anti-immigration parties.

Geert Wilders' PVV is predicted to win and Thierry Baudet's FvD is popular among zoomers. This could be a huge victory for the European Right.

Good luck to my Dutch cousins!
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