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Chip’s Overview of Phil’s Live
Q & A 8/5/22
“I am the Captain Now!”
I knew this was going to be different and special tonight for two reasons. First, Phil came on during Trump’s Rally Speech in Wisconsin. He has never done that before. Second, the date today: 8/5/22 equals 17!
Phil was wearing a Boston T-Shirt and a St Louis ball cap. No other comms were noticeable to me. Phil was back home having flown in from Arizona and began by saying that he looked strikingly handsome! He immediately said that was a joke. I do enjoy his sense of humor. It drives the trolls nuts. He said I have lots to talk about tonight. That was an understatement. I am not going to detail tonight’s Live. This is the one Live that MUST be watched. I could never capture the emotion displayed by Phil in what I believe was his most serious and personal and passionate Live ever. I am going to have difficulty finding the words to describe it. Let me say right here at the start that this story had been told to us last year, but tonight’s version had much more explicit detail and far more power than before. He quelled all the lies about his past and owned up to the mistakes he had made. He has asked for God’s forgiveness.

This was Phil. This was the real Phil. This was the Phil that we who have been here from the beginning have known. The Phil that we have admired and loved. Am I being too sentimental? I think not. If you were not moved tonight, you have not met or known Phil. This was the Phil who has been missing for a short time, understandable now knowing the surrounding circumstances. The vitriol he has been enduring in humble silence and bearing the weight of these onslaughts, until tonight. It reminded me of Trump in that he too is bearing all this in humble silence, carrying the heavy burden of truth that he can’t wait to reveal to the American people. Tonight was a masterpiece of elocution. One of his brilliant lines was that if you think that what you’re trying to do to me is worse that what I have already been through, you have no idea. “I am Teflon,” he said. Phil did not give a stern warning of what might occur if these attacks continue, he guaranteed that the legal means to end them has already been set in motion. He spoke directly to his accusers and advised them to lawyer up! 8.7 million viewers! The people now know the truth! Phil’s internal competitiveness is unstoppable. He has no room for giving up. Nor does Trump. Tonight was intense.
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