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Adam's day is coming
I'm seeing a trend πŸ‘€β˜•
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Here We Go 🚨 The USDA Gave Billion Dollar Lab Grown Meat Factory Upside Foods The Green Light In America. Lab Grown Chicken & More Is Headed To The American Dinner Table

Alabama Attempts To Fight Back Passing A Bill That Would Ban Lab Grown Meat In Their State. We Need This All Across America

β€œState Senators recently passed a bill that would ban lab grown meat in Alabama. That's from the manufacturing all the way to the distribution phase of the process. Upside Foods was recently given approval or last summer was given approval by the USDA to sell lab grown chicken. They deeply oppose this bill. They believe that it will hurt innovation as well as the US's ability to address a doubling in NITA ban by 2050.

I'm here in Watermark Farms in Jefferson County where they raise cattle. You can see them right there. Um, the owner here tells me that traditional livestock practices will always have a place in America's food chain regardless of lab grown meat. However, he does appreciate lawmakers for taking into consideration any potential impacts that lab grown meat could have on the industry. This isn't the end of the line for this bill.

It'll come back up in the house, um, for further consideration.”
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Something smells fishy
So....not solar flashes? Kek
If you would like to buy unvaccinated Beef from blade to table

If you'd like 20 day aged Black Angus for way cheaper than Butcher Box from Australia or Omaha

Not everyone has local rancher Frens they know and trust
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JUST IN - Nvidia hits $2 trillion valuation, stock balloons further into record territory amid "AI frenzy."

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WTH - you believe this!!!!!
Count me in....I'm a Christian Nationalist
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Not my redpilling style and I disagree with Gorka on things but

Not a great way to approach people
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NEW - Nathan Wade visited Fani Willis' home 35 times in the year before they claim their affair began.

The two testified under oath that their relationship did not begin until 2022, after Willis hired Nathan Wade. According to an investigator hired by Trump’s team, their phone's location data proves otherwise.

How to Use Disposable Email API in C#