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So let me get this straight:
CNN says Trump is no longer ambiguous about his acceptance of Qanon, Trump is openly playing a WWG1WGA song behind his speeches, he is reposting memes with clear Q references and he knows it, Kash retruthed that something was "gonna happen."
It's almost like anons were right this entire time.
Trump didn't just post some random video with a few Q references.
He retruthed a video FILLED to the brim with everything Q.
Including plainly suggesting that Trump is Q plus, military justice is coming, and that the storm is coming.
There has been a monumental shift. Trump is openly embracing Q.
The mainstream media must be panicking.
How am I supposed to sleep after Trump posted this?
Am I supposed to streak?
Newsweek did you see this?
Anyone awake?
Morning Patriots. What's habbening.
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We made it on Yahoo News with a spicy suggestion.

If you wanted to red pill the world with a perfect representation of inept corruption.... there are few people I'd choose over a dementia ridden Joe Biden to do so.
Biden is the perfect representation of the pedo friendly, puppet cabal presidents that we've had for decades.
Make no mistake:
These clips are seeping into mainstream consciousness.
The world is waking up little by little.
You know it, I know it, and soon the world will know it.
The truth is being displayed like never before.

What would Trump say if he was asked about Q again?
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USA Today accidently made a red pill video by elaborating on how Trump posted the WWG1WGA song.
Thank you USA Today!

Media is too big
PBS News Hour admits that Trump is overtly embracing "Qanon" as Mike Rothschild says we have to take it seriously cause Qanon is a vIolEnT fRiNgE grOuP.