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Memes are powerful tools we use to widely circulate awareness by simplifying a broad message in a recognizable and digestible format.

Normies have the attention spans of goldfish, so getting them to read-up on something is near impossible. But they will read and analyze memes, because the message is delivered quickly.

The normies are HIGHLY responsive to Balenciaga.

Make Balenciaga memes and inject them into all the echo chambers, and the red pills will follow.

The MSM have now fully adopted one of the wildest theories by amplifying “Muh brain-chips”. They are peddling the idea that Elon has some sort of dark, nefarious plot to control all humanity with Nueralink brain-chips.

If people would actually read these articles, it clarifies that the chips are for tragically injured people to regain neurological function.

And for those of you who fall for this propaganda and who are afraid of “Muh brain-chips” guess what… you don’t have to get one 😂
It’s been a week and half, and we aren’t seeing the outrage from the Left. No boycotts or denouncements from the elites or corporations. No mass protests at Balenciaga stores.

How long are we expected to watch child exploitation, pedophilia, and Satanism, continue to go unchecked?

Balenciaga and every company and individual affiliated with them needs to be boycott, shut down, and prosecuted. No exceptions.

I’m waiting for someone “important” to initiate protests… but it might be up to us.
Everyone rn

Elon just dropped email evidence that the Biden campaign were working with Twitter behind closed doors and they themselves ordered Twitter to censor the Biden Laptop story.

The DNC just caught circumventing the Constitution and conspiring with Big Tech to censor the truth, to interfere in an election, and cover up crimes carried out by the Biden family via Hunter.

Ummmmm this is TREASON!
Guys, what Elon is dropping right now CONFIRMS that the DNC were actively engaged in a conspiracy to interfere in federal elections, and did so by violating the sacred Constitution and censoring Americans via Twitter as proxy.

Does this open a path to declare 2020 fraudulent, due to the level of election interference WITTINGLY carried out by the DNC?

This is without a doubt an impeachable offense for Biden and Kamala, and should nullify 2020 altogether.

Impeach them all. It’s war.
Twitter executives abused their positions and carried out a political agenda for the DNC. They acted as the proverbial "Ministry of Truth" and covered up inconvenient truths that reflected poorly on "the party".

In doing so, Twitter, by order of "the Biden team" brainwashed and gaslight the public to cover up the reality of crimes carried out by the Biden family, which altered the result of the 2020 elections.

Time to end the DNC. TREASON!

Former Deputy General Counsel of the FBI and player in the Spygate/FISAgate scandal, Deep State rat, JIM BAKER was involved in convincing Twitter to shut down the Hunter Biden story because it “may have been” hacked, without any evidence or proof.

THE SAME PEOPLE who tried to pin Trump with “election interference” via the Mueller probe and Crossfire Hurricane, LITERALLY COMMITTED ELECTION INTERFERENCE in 2020.

Conspiracy between DNC, Twitter, FBI, and media. CONFIRMED!
A Democrat Congressman, Ro Khanna, reached out to question Twitter on their adherence to the principles of the 1st Amendment.

Essentially, Congressman Khanna was onto Twitter’s shit, and called them out for it, but also said he approved of their censorship of “Qanon”.

Twitter were censoring so egregiously, that it made fellow Democrats question Twitter’s activity.

Anyone with a pulse can see this is a violation of the 1st Amendment, and there needs to be punishment. STAT!
Democrat Lawmakers expressed their feelings to Twitter as to why they should moderate content. Their justification for this blatant act of Fascism:

-"Biden and Hillary were innocent" and "did nothing wrong".

-"If companies moderated more, conservatives wouldn't even think to use social media"

-"The First Amendment isn't absolute"

You are witnessing the destruction of the DNC in real time. The #TwitterFiles are proving the DNC are an organized crime syndicate and a threat to the Constitution.
I am in absolute shock right now.

The main body of the Q drops revolved around a grand conspiracy, known as the Deep State, comprised of the top seats in the DNC, the media, the DOJ/FBI/Intel Community, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Academia, etc.

The #TwitterFiles lay out a paper trail that confirms there was malevolent coordination from these entities to carry out operations that assist the DNC in elections.

The Twitter Files confirm Q’s entire main narrative.

Balenciaga confirms the rest.

The entire reason Twitter was able to get away with censoring conservatives at will was because they were operating under the guise of “private company”.

But when the orders to censor were coming from the Biden Campaign and the FBI/DHS, that means government entities were violating the Constitution via Twitter as proxy.

And this act was part of a larger scheme to defraud federal elections, thus committing seditious conspiracy and treason against POTUS Trump and We the People.
Quick reminder to the DNC:

There are nearly 20 million people in America who swore an Oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

So when you conspire with private enterprise to violate the Constitution, you put us in a bit of a predicament.

When you say “The 1st Amendment is not absolute”, you prove that you’re a domestic enemy to the Constitution, and thus We the People.

Military intervention necessary.
We the People’s List of Demands:

-Articles of impeachment for Biden and Kamala waiting on the table Monday morning, for wittingly violating the Constitution.

-The 2022 and 2020 elections should be nullified now that we have incontrovertible evidence that the DNC conspired to, and succeeded in, defrauding and interfering in those federal elections.

-The DNC need to be treated as a terrorist organization as they are a direct threat to NATSEC, the Constitution, and therefore We the People.
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