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Yeah not sure I buy it
Two big guests coming on my channel in the next couple of weeks
Did you think it was just statues of slave owners they were after?

A Welsh government apparatchik, Dawn Bowden, deputy minister for the arts has released 'guidance' recommending the removal or boxing up of statues of 'old white men' in order to 'create the right historical narrative'.

Our history is being abolished because we are white and they hate us for it. Plain and simple.
Happy St. Patrick's Day ☘️
Many of these big accounts in the BAPsphere are likely Jewish. We know for sure BAP is
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Israeli lawmakers have introduced a new bill that would punish believers for sharing the gospel of Jesus with prison time, Jerusalem correspondent Daniel Cohen reports today (20 ⁠March).

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Ben misunderstood the meme. POV is supposed to be the dude in the middle not the ones holding the knives.
Roderic O’Gorman has just unveiled the “National Plan Against Racism” which may as well been written by Ebun Joseph and INAR since its just a “how to apply Critical Race Theory to Irish Society”

Some Bullets points

- Special Garda units for Hate Speech etc
- Tax payer funded legal advice for those experiencing racism
- Diversity quotas for employers
- Changes to the education curriculum to “combat racist bias”
- Migrant homeless to have special treatment over native homeless
- Easier for migrants to access social benefits like HAP
- Racial equality officers in all arts / sports etc to ensure anti racism messages
- Codes of Practice to be followed by media when talking about migrants
- hate speech “elimination”
- Removing systemic racism
- Mandatory anti racism training for all the public sector
- workers and employers guide to combat racism

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