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🔥 The Liberty Den - With Gregg Phillips 🔥

We're live now! The chat may not be working tho!

Don't miss tonight's Liberty Den where Kate and Jon will be joined by Gregg Phillips. Grab your beers and ready those beards, should be a fun show!
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You can find all episodes of The Captain’s Battlegrounds with @RealSKeshel at

Seth has been busting his tail gathering and extrapolating all of this data, and helping him bring it all to life has been, without a doubt, the single biggest honor and privilege I have ever had in my time in this movement.

These videos are short and to the point. They’re easy to understand and make it glaringly obvious that the 2020 election was wrought with discrepancies.

@RealSKeshel on Truth Social

What role could SCOTUS play moving forward? Anything potentially related to the 2020 election?

Here is Federalist 78 which we went over during the livestream:

And here is the proclamation Trump put forth which references it (dated two weeks before the release of the IW annex) :

Watch the livestream to understand why this is so important!
I’ll be doing a power hour tonight to discuss the FBI raid. I’ll get the links posted in a bit. Will start at 10:30 PM EST
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Why are they targeting Trump?

The criminal law at issue is 18 USC 2071.

Those convicted of this offense will be “disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”
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Media is too big
On Friday's Liberty Den, Kate and I were discussing the 10x story with Gregg Phillips.

In light of the FBI raid, I want to point something out.

Gregg, Catherine, and "the federal folks" they work with believe it was an act of war.

It involves a foreign gov't interfering in our elections.

The info was given to the FBI who turned on them and "told a foreign power."

The FBI is not just political, they are in bed with a foreign gov't.

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