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The Laptop From Hell and the Biden Classified Documents scandal streams just crossed each other.


Just wow.

Hunter discusses in iPhone text messages stored on his laptop about converting the Barley Rd. house into his office back in 2018.

While all those classified documents were on the premises.

Hunter was not only staying in the classified documents house, he fully intended to conduct his business from that house by setting up a business office inside of it.
That face you make when you realize another massive Biden scandal is happening.


And as a member of the Mockingbird Media, you are about to have to try to cover up for Hunter Biden.


Forwarded from TheStormHasArrived17 (TheStormHasArrived17)
Media is too big
Listen to how passionate President Trump is when he talks about our amazing military.

“I tell you this because you see these blundering fools on television that say I shouldn’t be standing in front of church with a Bible, remember?…

I’m standing in front of a church with a Bible that these terrorists tried to burn down the day before!”

Those “terrorists” he’s talking about were antifa and BLM.
Forwarded from Jack Posobiec
Media is too big
Chris Rock has made an educational video on how to deal with police encounters
"Yes I know. I know it's hard. Look, stop the crying. It's not helping.


We HAVE to cover for the Biden Crime Family.


I know it's ridiculous at this point, but look, this is our JOB, we get paid to do this, young lady so cowboy up and turn off the waterworks!

We have to make the family that's openly & blatantly been a massive national security risk look like the victims of a baseless right-wing conspiracy theory.

You don't have to like it.

Forwarded from Liz Crokin Channel (Liz Crokin)
My full speech from last weekend’s Reawaken America tour in Nashville. I focused on Hillary Clinton & her ties to child sex trafficking.

- Laura Silsby & Haiti
- The Podesta E-mails
- The Anthony Weiner laptop
- The 2018 IG Report
- Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell

All of the above and more is Pizzagate.

Every single "news" media outlet & every Big Tech social media platform that smoothed the way to facilitate the theft of the 2020 election from it's rightful winner in order to install a Crime Family known far & abroad for being a massive national security threat to the United States is going to really REALLY regret having done that in the coming days.

Right now, all these complicit coconspirators are very nervously watching the streams between the Laptop from Hell and the Biden Classified Documents scandals crossing each other.

They did their best to keep things from getting here, but here we are anyway.

Hunter Biden is now in the classified documents house working to convert part of that house into his business office back in 2018, while the classified documents were in the garage & in the library.

Hunter is obviously discussing in text messages from his iPhone that were found on the abandoned laptop turning part of his dad's house on Barley RD into a new business office for himself.

So he's not only IN the house where the classified documents were found, he's discussing running his very shady foreign-entangled business from out of an office inside that house.
These emerging facts are going to create a MASSIVE HEADACHE for "news" media outlets that went 'all in' on the "Laptop is Russian Disinformation' narrative when they were told to do that 3 years ago before the 2020 election.

There is a Special Counsel right now digging into how the classified documents were taken to the house, and exactly who had access to them while they were there.

They've done the best they could do covering up for Hunter.

And now it's going to happen anyway.
Now, am I happy it's taking this long?


I wrote this column almost 2 years ago, back in April of 2021.

It SUCKS that we had to suffer through 2 years of Joe Biden in the White House to get to this point.

But the corrupt rise and the spectacular fall of The Biden Crime Family is going to be a historical object lesson for future generations.

You can own your very own fine print of General George Washington crossing the Delaware river in Durham boats!

Forwarded from Angel Aura
Media is too big
If the Paul Pelosi hammer attack story wasn’t already twisted enough, David DePape called in to a San Francisco news outlet with “an important message for everyone in America” on the day police bodycam footage was released.

I’d like to know:

1) Why he was allowed to do this from jail.

2) Why it sounds like he’s reading from a script.

3) What is the purpose of them allowing his message to be broadcast.

So many questions.
When your boss tells you that Hunter-Biden-Laptop-From-Hell story your media outlet been trying oh-so-hard to kill just exploded again like an Alien from the chest of the "Joe Biden Classified Documents" scandal and now you're gonna have to spend the next week writing the same stupid bullshit "NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE!" propaganda agitprop you've been writing for going on three years now and you are tired oh so very tired of this but you have to do it anyway.