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Jared Taylor on the Jewish Question:

This is a reasonable take from Jared but his hope that Jews as a collective will join Team White is overly optimistic.

I think secular Jews will eventually assimilate with Whites due to outbreeding, but the majority will retain ultra-libtard beliefs and some vague Jewish identity.

The more ethnocentric religious Jews and Zionists will maintain their distinct ethnic identity and most likely flee to Israel if things get too bad in the West.

I think Team White will attract, at most, a small minority of sensible Jews with "far-right" beliefs. I think most will be secular, have at least two White grandparents, and minimal attachment to Jewish culture.
Regarding Jared Taylor's hope that "many more Jews realize they've been backing the wrong horse and throw in with White gentiles to reestablish the values of the West" : Judging by the above statistics, I'd guess that no more than 5% of Jews will join Team White.
Paris, c. 1890-1906

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SHOCKER: Potheads tend to be poor and less educated
El Salvador has proven that crime is best solved by disregarding "human rights," accepting that some people are defective by nature, and permanently removing them from society.

In doing so, they debunked decades of leftist rhetoric on "rehabilitation, socioeconomic factors, etc."
Morality around age of consent is insane in the West. Ending your bloodline via miscegenation is a-okay but a 19 year old girl dating a 15 year old boy is the same as sexually abusing infants.

Miscegenation: Fine
Sodomy: Fine
Polyandry: Fine
Perverts twerking in front of toddlers: Fine
Child genital mutilation: Fine
Minor age gap in teenage relationship? Jail immediately!

A few years age gap between teenagers isn't immoral or evil. The mode AoC in Europe is 14-15, but I think most countries have modifiers that criminalize non-teenagers dating people of that age.

Old men with mutational-loaded testicles shouldn't be marrying young girls. People should marry young and have lots of healthy, non-dysgenic, non-libtarded children.

If insane late-19th century feminists got their way and raised the AoC to 21, White birth rates would've collapsed even earlier.
Every form of maladaptive sexual perversion is not only tolerated in the West but actively promoted, including pedophilia via "drag queen story hours," while breeding during prime years — which produces healthier children who grow up to be more right-wing — is demonized. This sick civilization is on its deathbed.
I think "Visegrád 24" on X is probably Indian.

I have never seen a Slav say anything remotely positive about Indians but "Visegrád 24" obsessively praises them.

Plus, they post generic Indian TikTok slop "news" between constantly fellating Israel, hating Muslims, and posting demoralization porn about Europe.
Migrant populations de-assimilate over time. Some first generation migrants attempt to assimilate and appreciate that Western countries admitted them. Subsequent generations realize they don't belong and are typically more leftist and anti-White.
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While I find terms like "turbo cancer" hard to take seriously, here are two pertinent facts: cancer is highly immune regulated, cancer development is closely related to DNA damage.

So regardless of all these outlandish theories about what's in the vaccine - its entirely plausible that if it simply is what they say it is, cancer rates would increase in a population after deploying an mRNA vaccine that interacts in a novel way with both the immune system and genetic code.
Forwarded from Pox Populi
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Good Morning Britain, a hypernormie programme, polls its viewers on multiculturalism.

We WERE asked, and the response is always “No, we don’t want this, we don’t like this, and we think it’s not good for our countries.”

We are held hostage by a minority of immigration extremists and civilizational saboteurs.
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