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Posts cover NWO agenda (COVID, Agenda 21, anti-White hate, anti-family agenda, etc.), European history, archaeology, genetics, etc. / / / / You can plagiarize any of my writing & content
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Evidence that high mutational load causes Leftism:

"The US has seen a linear decrease in the proportion of conservatives in each generation for at least 90 years. Sarraf et al. [5] have suggested that this is related to increases in mutational load due to relaxed selection pressures on humans in industrialized environments. We provide additional evidence for this hypothesis: leftists have older fathers than non-leftists, and those with older fathers are more likely to be leftist. Since male gametes acquire about 2 mutations per year, while female gametes mutate much more slowly, traits that are changing due to mutational pressure are expected to be more common in offspring from older fathers. Additionally, we show that older fathers themselves are not more leftist than younger fathers, suggesting that the paternal age effect is not due to differences in breeding patterns between leftists and non-leftists."

Source: Evidence for a Paternal Age Effect on Leftism (2023)
Forwarded from Race Realism Channel
Libtards on Twitter doing great work unearthing based Kissinger quotes.
Forwarded from Thuletide
Henry Kissinger's recent anti-immigration comments are not a sudden volte-face to defend Israel, like Ben Shapiro. Read this article published in The Jewish Daily Forward. Some Kissinger quotes:

"If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be antisemitic [...] Any people who has been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong."

"I’m going to be the first Jew accused of antisemitism.”

Kissinger found American Jews and Israelis "as obnoxious as the Vietnamese."

Kissinger also mocked those who defended Jews, especially Israelis. One such target was presidential adviser Daniel Patrick Moynihan, whose pro-Israel stance evoked this comment from Kissinger: "We are conducting foreign policy. … This is not a synagogue."
Ireland's hate speech bill: People who refuse to give passwords to cops could face up to 12 months in jail and a fine.

Source: Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill 2022 (Archive link)
Derek Chauvin was stabbed by an FBI informant.
Meloni's phone case. I knew she was bad news as soon as I saw the video of her ranting about "evil French neo-colonialism" in Africa.
COP 28: Climate reparations are here.

"Wealthy countries might finally pay for the climate change they caused."

"Today, on the opening day of COP28, the United Nations climate summit in Dubai, the host country pushed through a decision that wasn’t expected to happen until the last possible minute of the two-week gathering: the creation and structure of the “loss and damage” fund, which will source money from developed countries to help pay for climate damages in developing ones. For the first time, the world has a system in place for climate reparations."

Source: Atlantic (Nov 2023)
"Climate reparations" means stealing even more money from the White taxpayer and "redistributing" it to random brown people worldwide.

White countries already send the Third World billions of dollars in "aid" money ever year, what more could they possibly need? They don't deserve a single cent and they should be forced to repay all of it.
COP isn't a new acronym you retard. It's the United Nations' climate conference and it's been running for decades.

The UN & WEF's main agendas include promoting mass migration, LGBT, feminism, etc. So, in what way are they a distraction? Because people who talk about multilateral organizations are also saying "maybe this digital ID, climate reparations, and one world digital currency stuff is bad too"?

The climate hoax is used to justify practically the entire left-wing agenda; mass migration, wealth redistribution, Orwellian surveillance, global governance, etc.

Why are you, as a self-described nationalist, not concerned that traitorous Western elites collaborate internationally with foreign interlopers to bleed the White race dry via policies like foreign aid and "climate reparations"?
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Here's Farhana Yamin (a key architect of the UN's Paris Climate Agreement who seems to be involved with the British deep state) at COP28 promoting decolonization and reparations.

These aren't just social clubs for elites to "feel like important visionaries" or to "appease libtards," they're places where policy proposals get worked out and agreed upon by globalist leaders around the world. You see the same policies and rhetoric espoused by leftists in every Western country.
The idea that the far-left ever cared about workers' rights and healthcare is a joke. Look at any socialist state in history and see how they treated workers. Promoting workers' rights was always a means to an end. All the left cares about is unleashing freaks to destroy society.
"Climate reparations" were discussed at the UN's COP27 before being accepted at COP28. The UN is now founding a "loss and damage" fund to "source money from developed countries to help pay for climate damages in developing ones."

COP28 president Sultan al-Jaber (head of the UAE's state oil firm) said this is "the first time a decision has been adopted on day one of any COP."
BEHOLD a (post)human! Where you're going, you won't need genitalia!

"The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA) on Wednesday reported that the total value of sustainable assets has shrunk from $35.3 trillion in 2020 to a mere $30.3 trillion in 2022. S&P Global Clean Energy Index reports a 30% fall so far in 2023. The United States alone has seen assets in ESG funds plunge 50.5%, from over $17 trillion to a meager $8.4 trillion."

"While anti-ESG sentiment erodes financial portfolios of color, it also undermines our collective efforts to promote positive change through responsible investing."

Data source is the GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENT REVIEW 2022 by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance.
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