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JUST IN - Iran, Saudi Arabia agree to resume diplomatic ties and re-open embassies within two months after negotiations in China.

Guenon’s objection is not to philosophy per se, but to a philosophy denuded of esoteric content. At the heart of Plato’s philosophy is the Form of the Good – God, the Source. The Form of the Good is clearly the object of mystical revelation and it gives all reality a divine quality. Thus, reality is being generated by God and it shares in God’s divine nature. Wisdom must be grounded in reality. Rational philosophical reflection must be centered around the real. If the divine is absented from philosophical speculation, then a vacuum is created. This vacuum can only be filled with malignant creations of the human imagination.
Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is a useful starting point for all attempts to understand Platonic philosophy. Everything Plato writes presupposes such a vision of reality. Plato has a place for rationality, but he at no point tries to deduce morality from merely rational considerations.

Plato saw that ethics without an appreciation of the divine origins of life is meaningless and a hopeless task. God is the alpha and the omega; the origin and destination. Rationalism, on the other hand, loses its way.

Very interesting article emphasising the experiential and mystical foundation of Platonism and the problem of modern rationalism divorced from the supra-rational.

I will be discussing this in a show on the allegory of the cave in the next installment of my Platonism series with Aarvoll.
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Yeah but Keith woods met someone
Keith Woods
How often do you use Rumble?
If you look at traffic and their video view numbers it would seem Rumble is way bigger than other alt-tech platforms but I'm not sure I buy it. A lot of the numbers seem fake
Russell Brand's last stream:
94k views on YouTube
413k on Rumble

Yeah not sure I buy it
Two big guests coming on my channel in the next couple of weeks
Did you think it was just statues of slave owners they were after?

A Welsh government apparatchik, Dawn Bowden, deputy minister for the arts has released 'guidance' recommending the removal or boxing up of statues of 'old white men' in order to 'create the right historical narrative'.

Our history is being abolished because we are white and they hate us for it. Plain and simple.
Happy St. Patrick's Day ☘️
Many of these big accounts in the BAPsphere are likely Jewish. We know for sure BAP is
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Israeli lawmakers have introduced a new bill that would punish believers for sharing the gospel of Jesus with prison time, Jerusalem correspondent Daniel Cohen reports today (20 ⁠March).

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