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A Man on a Mission. Father, Friend, Brother, Lover, Student. Welcome to the Great Awakening.
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A resounding thank you to @ KariLake @ KariLakeWarRoom for a 263pg 'smoking gun' filing in the AZ Courts.

They cheated β€”> On purpose.
They knew what they were doing. Now, Kari is going to prove it.
We know it.
They know it.

πŸ‘‰They know that we knowπŸ‘ˆ

Try and get some sleep, Katie. It must be hard.
Remember to smile for your mugshot.

We're [COMING].

#WWG1WGA #SaveAmerica #Fix2020 #fiΓ—2022
#KariWon #TrumpWon #MAGA #Truth
#DestroyTheDeepState #WETHEPEOPLE

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
There is so much more at play in the world than we are being told, and in many cases, than we are even seeing with our own eyes.

The Plan to save Mankind.
#WWG1WGA #DarktoLight #WeAreSoveriegn

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
We have talked a lot about hyperinflation around the world, as the central_bank/Rothschild system of control FAILS.

It's going public now.

Last stop: US Corporation Government Inc., masquerading as the United States of America.

#WWG1WGA #DarktoLight #painiscoming
#JusticelsComing #WETHEPEOPLE #SlavesNoMore

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
It has now been over 40hrs, and @SpeakerMcCarthy has not uttered one word about the Durham Report.

That would be the evidence based report which shows unequivocally that Hillary Clinton, the Democrat National Convention, and then-sitting President of the United States Hussein Obama, used their political powers and conspired to frame a leading US Presidential candidate for Treason (which is itself, Treason).

Highlighting this would garner Mr. McCarthy/ Congress incredible support.


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Through the "Audio Chat" series on the QNewsPatriot Rumble, I have striven to connect #WETHEPEOPLE w/ clarity and empowerment that is sourced not from intel, but from one another.
While the Q Mil_Alliance is doing the heavy lifting, we also acknowledge the Mil_Civ Alliance creates the conditions for Patriots to share their expertise about how to rebuild our world.

Audio Chat 5 is Below.

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Cue China's public entry into the Middle East military-industrial sector, and soon thereafter, the kinetic Mil_operations to destroy the Canaanites.
#WWG1WGA #MultipolarOrder #FreeAndFair
#DarktoLight #worldwideeffort #WETHEPEOPLE

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Media is too big
Rap song about Target child-sexualization agenda.
All communities coming together.
People of Spirit v. Agents of Evil.
Scorched Earth.
Culture War.
Holy War.
Game β€”> Set β€”> Match.

[WE] are Inevitable.

"Patriots WW just needed a 'spark'.
For humanity.

#TheGreatAwakening2023 #WETHEPEOPLE

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Great digging Ultra.

Did you know most fast food French fries are preserved using an ethylene glycol (antifreeze) derivative?
Did you know HEK-293(aborted-fetal-tissue derived protein) is found in nearly all Coca-Cola and PepsiCo canned β€˜soft’ drinks?
β€”> Ever wonder why they’re called β€˜soft’ drinks? <β€”

#DarktoLight #SlavesNoMore #freedom #GodWins #WETHEPEOPLE

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Freedom Isn’t Free.
Today, Remember the Silent Heroes.
Remember the Unsung Victory Songs.
Remember the Unnamed Warriors who Gave Everything for You, and me, and our families.
Remember their Legacies.

We The People will Win the Battle of Good v. Evil.
And we will Draw on the Strength and Bravery of the Fallen who came before Us.

Humanity is Inevitable.

Happy Memorial Day 2023

#WETHEPEOPLE #DarktoLight #MemorialDay #sacrifice #courage #allgavesomesomegaveall

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Coordinated Operations.
Worldwide #WETHEPEOPLE - #military

"For Humanity!"

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
Russia-Belarus Alliance Deepening > Trump/Biden/ Melania Comms Pointing to Exact Same Q Drop > US [DS] Begging Xi to Avoid Taiwan Reclamation > Russian Mil Formally Accuses US DNC/DOD of Creating C19 in Ukraine > US Mil Deploying Domestically // Possible Missile Threat to US Homeland > The Storm is Coming Quickly >>>

#WWG1WGA #darktolight #blackoutnecessary #wethepeople

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
How do you get Pinocchio to sell out the one pulling his strings?
When can he ISTAND] on his own?

Counterintelligence warfare.
Move the Ball.
#WWG1WGA #DarktoLight #blackoutnecessary

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
The Days of R v D are dead.
There is now only #WETHEPEOPLE and a captured, #DeepStateUniparty in control of our government at all levels

πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
If you haven’t noticed, we are now passed the β€œSilent War” phase and are into the β€œOpen Conflict” phase, of this battle for control of our own destinies.

Next Stop:
Worldwide Simultaneous Mass_Pop Awakening.
The β€œNuclear” Strike against MKUltra.

-We The People.
-Deep State MIC.
-Patriots in Trusted Positions.
-Mil-Civ Alliance.

It gets bumpy from here.
Hold on tight.
Next File will be out Soon.
We are making history.


πŸ‘‰ RealSGAnon
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