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Today I will be mostly silent on TS and TG, as I am responding to your many emails.
For perspective, l've received 473 emails in the last 48hrs 🙂

If I've not responded to you yet, please know one is coming. Lots to sift through, and may take me some time to do.

File 38 is in progress also, just have to aggregate some of the material before recording. Time TBD on it, but should be near future.

Have a great day Patriots. Be safe, smart, and alert.


👉 RealSGAnon
"IT'S TIME!!!" —> Commander-in-Chief CALL TO ACTION.


Digital_Army Reporting for Duty ONCE MORE.

Connect and Organize PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY from *where you are at*.
What You Can, with What You Have, from Where You Are.

"Once more Unto the Breach, dear Friends"


👉 RealSGAnon
Stebin Ben - Tere Mere Lyrics