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A Man on a Mission. Father, Friend, Brother, Lover, Student. Welcome to the Great Awakening.
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CYM Inc. —> A company listed on adrenochrome production and distribution records.

Did you know that in English, the name “Cym” means “Ruler”?

In Our Faces.
—> But They never thought we would open our Eyes <—
Hunters become the Hunted.
There is nowhere left to hide.

#DarktoLight #SlavesNoMore #savethechildren #EndChildTrafficking #EndSatanicRitualAbuse #EndHumanTrafficking #EndHumanSacrifices #GodsChildrenAreNotForSale #Q #QSentMe

👉 RealSGAnon
Do you see why "Bribes" Biden is being shown to the world in the fashion he is?
Do you see why the COG-Congress is conducting such public investigations into Bribery/influence peddling?
Why is the focus of Biden Crime Family corruption targeted at "foreign actors", "foreign monies", and "banking records"?

What will Hunter say about Joe, when it's all over?

"Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors"
#WWG1WGA #darktolight #bribery #bidencrimefamily #neveragain #slavesnomore

👉 RealSGAnon
Cologna Bloodline.

All in the Family.
#WWG1WGA #SlavesNoMore #DarktoLight

👉 RealSGAnon
Just, wow.

The commander-in-chief himself confirms it for the masses.
The Greatest sting operation in the history of the entire world.

#DarktoLight #SlavesNoMore

👉 RealSGAnon
“Who benefits the most?”
“Who is damaged the most?”

👆👉 Vertical questions we should always ask when presented with a “lens” or “narrative” or “backstory” that we haven’t had a chance to thoroughly research.

Total war.
Final Battle.
Stay strong. Stay united.
Stay together.
A beautiful world lies ahead.
#WWG1WGA #Truth #SlavesNoMore #thegreatawakening

👉 RealSGAnon
The C19 vaxxine is in fact, a time bomb inside the human body.

There ARE, however (by the grace of God and incredible men and women around the world) therapies and counteractive treatments for the nanoparticulates, graphenes, spike proteins, and venom-derived acid-chains being developed and deployed worldwide, w/ breakneck speed.

Do the digging.
Find the Truth.
We ALL have a part to play in helping set Humanity Free.

#SlavesNoMore #DarktoLight

👉 RealSGAnon
Nice dig, anon 👊

Disclosure for All.
Truth over Lies.

👉 RealSGAnon
Did you know Total-brand cereal was shown in a scientific evaluation to contain particulate (dust) sized iron shavings?

They have been poisoning us for generations.
Now We are Awake.
The End of an Age.
Ash to Ashes.

#DarktoLight #SlavesNoMore #letmypeoplego

👉 RealSGAnon
Every once in a while during combat operations, some tough-truth humor is needed.

Laugh in their faces.
#WeAreStrongerTogether #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
Interesting graphic.

“The full truth would put 90% of people [the world] in a hospital”

#counterintelligencewar #DarktoLight #SlavesNoMore #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
How will the vaxxinated react to the news that their 3-5 boosters over the last 24 months, are no longer valid?

It’s coming.
Consciousness Sledgehammer.
Break the MKUltra death-grip on the Mind.
It takes ALL of Us or this doesn’t work.
#DarktoLight #thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
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High power laser is reflected at the photoelectric level by the color “Blue”

How many Blue items left untouched in the Maui, Hawaii false_flag fires?
Did any celebrity homes have blue roofs?
The Great Awakening.

👉 RealSGAnon
The coming series of African coups that we discussed on Files 58/59 is beginning to pop off.

—> Russia and other nations are spearheading the complete disconnection of the African continent from the [DS] western central_bankster system.

True freedom, for the first time in centuries for many of the African nations.

#WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll is not just about the United States of America.
We are One Mankind.
United in a Chorus for and with the Almighty.

#SlavesNoMore! #WWG1WGA!

👉 RealSGAnon
If you haven’t noticed, we are now passed the “Silent War” phase and are into the “Open Conflict” phase, of this battle for control of our own destinies.

Next Stop:
Worldwide Simultaneous Mass_Pop Awakening.
The “Nuclear” Strike against MKUltra.

-We The People.
-Deep State MIC.
-Patriots in Trusted Positions.
-Mil-Civ Alliance.

It gets bumpy from here.
Hold on tight.
Next File will be out Soon.
We are making history.


👉 RealSGAnon
Why is awakening humanity to the powers of A-I so very important?

Squint your eyes and look at this picture which was A-I generated.

What do you see?
#DarktoLight #SlavesNoMore #freedom #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
What is Dioxin?
What chemical process is it a byproduct of?
Why is it in women’s hygiene products?
What else is in feminine hygiene products?

Roads lead places.
They have waged biological war on us for decades.
👉 COVID is not the first —> but it WILL be the last.

We will bring the entire diseased temple down.
#WWG1WGA #SlavesNoMore #TheRealWarOnWomen #Truth #DarktoLight

👉 RealSGAnon
September 26, 2023: Investigative journalist Stew Peters posts on Twitter (the worlds farthest reaching social media) that Pepsico Corp. utilizes a flavor additive derived from aborted fetal cell tissue, to flavor their products. Senomyx Inc is mentioned by name.

13 years ago this Fall, I was nearly expelled from a private college for “dangerous fantasy”, after writing a 12pg research paper on this topic, and making these very same (and accurate) claims surrounding HEK-293, and the regulation-enabled “cannibalism” in United States food markets. I was a 3.5 GPA student, w/ no prior disciplinary record, academic or otherwise.

I have waited and waited for this day.

I have agonized, unsure if I would live to see the day that the world learned the Truth about their food, and their unknowing consumption of murdered human-DNA.

I have been blessed beyond description.

Welcome to Mankind’s Great Awakening.

Love Wins.

#SlavesNoMore! #DarktoLight! #WhereWeGoOneWeGoAIl!

👉 RealSGAnon
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