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The bottom has officially fallen out from under the USA M2 money supply.

Next stop: Free Fall.

#WWG1WGA #darktolight #hyperinflation #EndTheFed #endhumantrafficking #WeThePeople

👉 RealSGAnon
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Did you know that the dairy-alternative entomilk is already being produced in many nations, and is made from the maggot larvae of black soldier flies?

Knock knock.
Time to wake up.
#SlavesNoMore #DarktoLight #thegreatawakening

👉 RealSGAnon
Why did Julian Assange say the greatest foreign threat to America comes from Israel/the Israel lobby?
Why did the Shah of Iran in the 1960s, state that the Jewish lobby in America does not “advance the interests of either the people of the US, or Israel itself”?
Who is ultimately responsible for Ayatollah Khomeini’s rise to power?
Where was Osama bin-Laden educated?
How much foreign aid is sent to the nation of Israel each year by Washington DC?
What are “Israeli Loyalty Oath/Pledge of Allegiance laws” in US states?
Why is every newly elected US congressperson asked to sign a statement of fealty to Israel?
What happens to them if they don’t?
Why is the American Israeli Public Action Commission the largest bipartisan political lobby in the United States?
Who do they fund?
Who started Goldman Sachs?
Who was Bernie Madoff?
Who is Larry Fink?
Who is Antony Blinken?
Who is Klaus Schwab?
Who is Deborah Birx?

Who are these people REALLY?

Questions lead to answers.

#DarktoLight #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
Who still believes it is possible to vote your way out of a de facto rigged system?
Who still believes the algorithm can be ‘overwhelmed’?
Does a computer program compensate for varied inputs?
Are programs “real time” scalable?
Can software be programmed to produce a zero-sum out of limitless integers?
If Dominion machines can connect to the internet, upload information to foreign and domestic servers, and then receive downloads initiated from those servers, can AI-capability also be used to accelerate compensatory actions?
A whole other dimension?

Matrix Revolutions.
Tyranny in our midst.
God Bless and Keep Us.
#WWG1WGA #DarkToLight #WelcomeToTheGreatAwakening

👉 RealSGAnon
(Opinion Only)

[THEY] will unleash Catatrophic Contagion(Plandemic #2) in the 2024 Presidential Election Year, to justify indefinite lockdowns, vaxxine mandates, and a repeat-on-steroids of 2020’s record setting theft of the US Presidency; all of this while simultaneously igniting WW3 and provoking open war w/ China.

The crucial difference: This time, the ‘theft’ will be the public subjugation of the Republic of the United States of America to the UN/WEF/WHO/NATO OneWorldGovernment, and an indefinite suspension of US Elections due to nationwide emergencies.

#DarktoLight #WWG1WGA

“Military is the only way”

👉 RealSGAnon
The Republican Voice (of all outlets) covered apparent voter fraud in MA, USA, in the most recent elections. Pictured is an unnamed woman stealing a ballot from a mailbox.

The homeowner was later told in person, when he went to vote, that he had already voted.

#TheFixIsIn #DarktoLight #BanMachines #paperballots #Truth #WWG1WGA #thegreatawakening

👉 RealSGAnon
Why did US House Speaker Johnson pray to the Almighty in Congress, reaffirm our ‘staunch support for Israel’, and then send billions of borrowed dollars overseas … Instead of opening an inquiry into January 6th political imprisonment, and releasing all J6 footage to both journalists and the open-source web simultaneously?

Questions lead to answers.

👉 RealSGAnon
Why did the Pharaohs of Old have elongated skulls?
Why do discovered ‘human-giant remains’ receive nearly no media attention, or investigation?
Why does the US $1 bill contain the imagery of the All-Seeing Eye of Ra?
Why do certain members of the Rothschild family have elongated skulls?
Why did Incan emperors have elongated skulls?
What was Goliath?
What really was Goliath?
Why was Jericho so important?

Roads lead places.

👉 RealSGAnon
The whole truth, and nothing but the Truth, must be told.
For humanity.
#SlavesNoMore #DarktoLight

👉 RealSGAnon
“Whosoever offers his thanksgiving glorifies Me; and to him who orders his conduct aright, I will show the salvation of God.”
Psalm 50:23

Happy Thanksgiving from the USA, to All Patriots and Peoples who stand for Liberty. in the fight against globalist tyranny. Your hard work, dedication, and sacrifices will never be forgotten, unto all of human history.

Slaves No More!

👉 RealSGAnon
We see you too, Elon.
Thank you for freeing the Bird.

Welcome to the Great Awakening.
#darktoLight #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
File 66 today.

I know it’s been quiet on my end for a few days. Thank you all so much for being patient.

The Journey Together continues.

👉 RealSGAnon
We see your messaging now.
We understand your codex.
We know what happens in the [DARK].

We are coming.
#slavesnomore #darktolight #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
What does it mean when they’re saying the same thing?
Who is the largest controlling party of Pfizer? Merck? AstraZeneca? Moderna?
How do you [SPOT] a globalist?
How do you trace loyalties?
What does narrative_alignment imply ultimately?
Who founded NATO?
Who designed the Israeli Knesset?
Who designed the Israeli Supreme Court?
Why is there a Corporation of the “State of Israel” with registry designation #OE027515?
Why is the correspondence address of said corporation listed as the Israeli embassy in London, on Kensington Palace grounds no less?

Unpleasant questions have sensible answers.
Rise Above.
#SlavesNoMore #DarktoLight #thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
Visual reminder that the worldwide [DS] mafia doesn’t just own the entertainment industry, or utilities infrastructure, or the government seats of power, separately … They own them all.

And more.
Now the Reckoning is at hand.

“We know where you are at all times, and can hear you breathing”


👉 RealSGAnon
Elvis Pterosaur Unveils Sky and Sea Mastery of Dinosaur Era