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Banking liquidity Crisis is about to get BIG.

6 major regional banks have been halted in trading today, more than 37x cumulatively.
Regional Bank sector down 21%+ in market today.
#PACW down 25+%.

Image taken from Twitter, 1146 EST USA.

Bottom. Middle. Top.

#Drainlt #FallofTheCabal # Truth #MAGA

👉 RealSGAnon
A reminder of who the Enemy is, and what Putin, Trump, Xi, Modi, Bolsonaro, Bin Salman, and ALL of us are actually waging war against.

#savethechildren #EndChildTrafficking
#FallofTheCabal #WWG1WGA

"Never will I allow a lasting persistence of evil in this world that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy even to the littlest child, when at once I have full knowledge of it.
To know of such is to be chartered to the cause of fundamental goodness of the Most High, Itself" Anonymous

👉 RealSGAnon
And another one down.

First Horizons Bank falls more than 40% today on news that its merger with TD Bank (which would have made it the US's 6th largest bank) will not complete.

#FallofTheCabal #fiat #Truth #EndTheFed

👉 RealSGAnon
Well, that looks familiar.

Learn the Hidden history.
Do so w/ an open [MIND].
We ALL got had —> for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Filthy, Disgusting Usurpers.
#WWG1WGA #SaveOurChildrenWorldwide
#EndTheFed #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
Irrespective of your personal opinions, this summary of our "Hidden History" by Benjamin Fulford is an excellent, clear, and succinct overview of major dynamics through our shared human history that compelled us to where we are, today.

#DarktoLight #hiddenhistory #godwins #thegreatawakening #fallofthecabal

👉 RealSGAnon
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Can someone please point me to the Constitutional protections/allowances, for the Government to "force vaccinate" citizens in the interest of public health?
Who determines "public health"?
Is such a Determination repugnant to the very individual sovereignty the Constitution was enshrined to preserve?

Methinks someone may need to go back to School.
#Depopulation #Captured #DarktoLight #thegreatawakening #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
These 5 men (and President 45) are responsible for rebalancing the polarities of the Earth.

When all is done, they will have destroyed the 'Serpent' US Dollar, paving the way for a new US currency, and a Fair and Just system of trade and value-exchange, worldwide.

What a time to be alive.

#DarktoLight #NewFinancialSystem #BRICS
#GoldenAge #GodsMajesty #Truth #MAGA

👉 RealSGAnon
#FreeJulianAssange indeed.

"98% of all governments worldwide will fall" - JA

#darktolight #fallofthecabal

👉 RealSGAnon
You are living through the greatest decline of actual(physical note) USDs in circulation, that has ever been recorded in US history.
#DraintheSwamp #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
And there it is.

Climate_Change False Flag Narrative - meet - Plandemic 2.0 Attempt (TBD).

Clear and Present Danger to National (World) Security.
UN/NATO BlackHat actors v. WW Mil_Patriot Alliance (ongoing).
Near-death Civilization Events.

"Only at the precipice [moment of destruction] will people find the will to change"

#DarktoLight #thegreatawakening #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
Remember why we Fight.
Remember why we will win.
Power back to the People.
#WWG1WGA #DarktoLight #savethechildren #EndChildTrafficking #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
Isn’t it interesting that the “State of Israel” was incorporated this year, in February, in Companies House in London as a ‘new business entity’?

Isn’t it also interesting that the correspondence address for this ‘new business entity’ is the Israeli embassy, at Kensington Palace, and the beneficial owner of the company is the Israeli Knesset in Jerusalem?

Slaves no More.
We are [AWAKE].
#WWG1WGA #BritishCrown #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon

With the clear level of open, unabashed fraud occurring in US elections, most recently w/ multiple governors races on 11/7/2023 … is it logical, or intellectually mature, to think that Hamas, Likud, various Green Parties, Labour, and many more, were not cheated into office in their respective localities as well?

Large_scale, coordinated electronic cheating/ballot manipulation has been occurring since year 2000 for the USA (Bush v Gore).
If they’ve been doing it for 23 years in the great USA, how many decades have [THEY] been cheating [THEIR] preferred leaders (and not #WETHEPEOPLE chosen ones) into office worldwide?
How long has it been since We The People have had a true choice?

“This is not just another 4-year election”
#WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll #DarktoLight #Treason #electionfraud #DraintheSwamp #deepstate #FallofTheCabal

“Drain the swamp does not just refer to DC”

👉 RealSGAnon
Johnson. Bush. Dulles. Hughes.
CIA - DOJ - Warren.
They cannot hide.
For the first time, they’re running from absolution.

It will FAIL.

Lest we forget.
Kennedy burial grounds.
The plan to save the world.
Rest easy, Mr. President. We have the Watch.
#NeverForget #FallofTheCabal #worldwide #thegreatawakening #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
Did you know the CDC admitted that a commonly used food additive called butanedione-2,3 (diacetyl), has been shown to cause a severe respiratory disease to workers who produce the chemical, which itself has no known cure?

It is still approved for use in your food anyway.
#SlavesNoMore #WeAreAwake #FallofTheCabal #WETHEPEOPLE #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
Why did Argentinian President Javier Milei choose, as his first visit abroad, to come to the Chabad HQ building in NYC?

What We Know:
* The Chabad HQ in Brooklyn, NY USA, seems to contain a system of illegal subterranean passages and ceremonial chambers, beneath the building. The passages have been reported to contain twin-sized mattresses, children’s toys, clothing articles, and food.
* The passages lead to what appears to be an abandoned Mikveh (ritual bathhouse).
* One of Milei’s first orders of business as president-elect in November, was to visit the grave of the sect’s revered late-leader Rabbi Menachem Schneerson.
* A Mikveh-bath is used to immediately purify oneself after experiencing “keri”, or ejaculation. According to the Torah, bathing in a Mikveh is required before being allowed to eat a “terumah”, or a “Korban” (slaughtered sacrificial offering).

#DarktoLight #WWG1WGA #savethechildren #EndChildTrafficking #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
Trump Trials Dead Ahead.

Who is Commander in Chief?
Who is [LAW]fully Commander in Chief?
How is this determined?
What happens when a former President proves foreign-coordinated, federal election malfeasance, leading to a fraudulent vote tally and a Manchurian administration?
What happens if Federal Courts fail to examine public-domain Evidence of Electioneering?
What happens if NATSEC is successfully introduced into the Civilian Judiciary?

👉 Who Commands the US Armed Services?

What happens if there is a public choice that must be made for the US Military Command/Control.
What happens if there is a -> public <- Constitutional crisis regarding Legitimacy of the Leader of US Military Forces?

Conn, Sonar: Crazy Ivan.
All Stop.
Remember Your Oath.
#DarktoLight #WWG1WGA #WETHEPEOPLE #mankind #spiritualwar #savethechildren #FallofTheCabal

👉 RealSGAnon
Russian military using Starlink in Ukraine.

Who built Starlink?
Elon is the largest private US Contractor for ….
Why was Space Force created?
Are they part of a larger component Force?
Can Space Force work in conjunction with the ANG?
Can the Marine Corps and NG coordinate air, ground, and special operations?
Who supplies battlefield intelligence?
How is “recon” analyzed?
What sort of capability is needed for data processing at_Scale?
General -> specific.
What sort of Alliance would be needed to marry strategic reconnaissance, battlefield intelligence, kinetic operations, multi-domain AOs/deployments, and real-time “Force Adaptation”, ALL in the SAME campaign?

The largest, coordinated military operation in world history.
Nowhere left to run.
#JusticeIsComing #fallofthecabal #slavesnomore #WWG1WGA

👉 RealSGAnon
How to Use Disposable Email API in C#